Poems from Izmir and Σαμος (Samos), June 2014


Feeling alone
Strange city, Strange language
No one to talk to
And homesick more
For a city i lived in a month
Than for my home across the globe
Lonely and frustrated
Like I am wanted only
For my body and
Not my mind
No companionship
No one to trust
But I will find my strength
It is in me
And I will be ok
And find joy
In my next days

This was written after a very stressful day or two when I had let myself get a bit overwhelmed by my situation... I am glad that I did find my joy in the next days, and I met so many lovely and helpful people after getting out of my bad situation.


Wind blows my hair
Softly caresses my skin
The sun beams, warming
Clear waters cooling
Fish dance around my legs
Peaceful and at home
Alone in the Aegean
But not lonely, not here
The lion roars
His protection from afar
And kind souls are near
Greece embraces me
Holds me to her breast
Comforts me
I found the way home
And to my peace

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