Poems from Ναυπλιο (Nafplio), May 2014

Nafplio 1

Looking across the harbor at Bourtzi
The waves crash
Patient, inexorable churning
Rolling the stones into sand
Gently sculpting the cliffs

The waves caress
An azure lover arriving
To run his hand along the shores
With passion unmatched

The sun, the skies
Beaming their approval
Warming his touch
As the eternal seduction continues

I find my way in
Entering the glorious dance
Wholly, passionately enveloped
Flowing into their unending steps

Together we move
Softly, slowly closer
This primal connection
And we become one

View of Nafplio from the 1,000 Steps

Nafplio 2

I breathe in
Salty sea air invigorating my senses
Warm breeze caressing my skin
Gently blowing the flames of my soul
As it plays my hair against my skin
The vast waters tease the rocks
A joyful song and dance
On display beneath the last pink
Purple rays of the setting sun
The eternal rhythm hypnotizes me
Envelops body, mind, heart
Entrances, pulling me to her
Sharing her spirit
Filling me with peace
Deeper than her depths
Higher than her skies
Whole, one, happy
The endless song and dance
Fills me
And I am whole

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