Poems from Seattle January 2015

Seattle 1-January 5, 2015

Sitting here alone
Enjoying my wine
Smoke curling
From my nose
Obscuring my vision
With visions of you
Visions of things to come
For what is ahead
For the next steps
Heart racing
For what has been
And what will be
Blurred vision
Of hopes
Not expectations
Finding serenity
Amidst the chaos
Of things to come

I do not know
Where this path will take me
But I believe it will
Lead to days
Even brighter than those
Which have already passed
Lead me to
Experiences more profound
Than the last

I do not claim to know
What lies ahead
Only that I know
I have the strength
To face it

Seattle 2- January 20, 2015

This path which I have chosen
Who knows where it may lead
Oh so many turns and bends
As forward still I go

Twisting, turning, winding on
Forever shall I go
Forging myself a new path
To where? God only knows

But I know that I am in
The place where I should be
Striving, always pushing on
To see what I can see

To see what is round the bend
To see what this life holds
To see what else I can see
Before I grow too old

Before these fragile bones
They shatter into bits
Before I cannot wander
The path that lies ahead

As long as I am able
A roamin' I shall go
Long as these legs carry me
Know I shall walk this road

No matter where the road goes
Know I shall travel on
To where this path takes me
Still knowing where I've gone

Waiting so impatiently
To see what lies ahead
Always knowing that each bend
Takes me where I've ne'r been

Takes me to something unknown
Adventures still to come
Sight unseen, lovers unmet
I've still so far to go

And life is but a journey
One we all must take
Where that journey leads you?
Your grace or your mistake

Go ahead and take a stand
Yes this we all must do
Up for what is right for them
And what is right for you

And think always of others
In the path which you choose
But don't let them control you
Lest they decide your doom


  1. I love it and it shows how your journey is unfolding in front of yourself love u girl

  2. What a beautiful poem. I can picture it in my mind. So lovely! The flow the description are all so wonderful! This has to be one of the best love poems I have read. Take care Tara

  3. Thanks for the encouragement!